In response to Hurricane Irma and its aftermath, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Department of Insurance issued Emergency Order Case NO.: 214271-17-EO 2017 Application of 690-142.015 Standardized Requirements Applicable to Insurers After Hurricanes or Natural Disasters.. The order is applicable to the entire state of Florida.

Homesite is taking the following actions to provide relief to Florida policyholders who fall within the scope of the exceptions contained in the Emergency Order: Homesite has imposed a moratorium on non-payment cancellations for policyholders/property from August 25, 2017 until October 15, 2017. Premium will be charged for any extension of coverages. Adjusted invoices will be resent starting on 10/16/2017. Additionally, Homesite will work with policyholders in affected areas or claimants to grant needed extensions of at least 90 days (12/03/2017) for other policy provisions or other requirements that impose a time limit on a policyholder to perform any act. Homesite has extended the timeframe in which claimants can submit receipts in order to receive any recoverable depreciation that may be outstanding.